Need capital to cultivate? Talk to us!

Get up to Rp 100 million for your farming project that can be easily accessed along with everything below:

Access to cashless financing in the form of farm supplies, facilities, and workers’ budget.
Get hands-on, expert farming consultation.
Return on capital in the form of good harvest.
Access to markets with fair and friendlier prices.

Support the Farmers with CROWDE


Finance the Loans

Crowde helps the institutional and individual financiers to achieve optional returns with a secured lending platform and scheme


Apply for a Project

We support you as a farmer by providing the raw materials and connecting you with distributors and potential buyers


Become an Offtaker or a Buyer

Crowde also provides the ecosystem for you to buy the agricultural products from our registered farmers, as well as supply your crop yields

How to be funded

The following are the steps to get funding from CROWDE

Meet the requirements to apply loan

To start financing, you must meet the eligibility that we have set

Applying for a loan

Please submit your project financing by filling out the submission form in full to meet the initial requirements

Analysis, assessment, and approval

CROWDE team will make an assessment beforehand. If your application is approved, we will update it to you and offer it to the financiers directly.

Disbursement of funds to the borrower’s account

The funds will be disbursed to the borrower’s designated account to sponsor their projects

Loan repayment

The borrowers will repay the loan through CROWDE according to the schedule agreed beforehand

Benefits for borrowers

Enjoy many beneficial offers provided for borrowers such as:

Support in project supervising
Providing SOP to maintain projects performance
Produce sales and distribution will be supported by CROWDE partners
Funds direct reimbursement through Toko Tani to purchase projects’ requirements
Harvest or produce is accepted as loan repayment

WASPADA PENIPUAN yang mengatasnamakan CROWDE


Segala informasi resmi mengenai CROWDE, hanya dipublikasikan melalui website dan media sosial resmi CROWDE

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Their Stories

We collect stories from our partners to share their experiences with capital and receive loans through our platform.


Ibu Devi

Partner - Pemilik Toko

Pemilik Toko UD Zahra Farm

My shop’s transaction process has become easier and more practical after using CROWDE's TONI mobile app. In addition, I’m getting more certain income by partnering to provide supplies to CROWDE’s farmers.


PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk.

Lender Institutional

With CROWDE, we’re helping farmers get better income and prosper. This is in line with the spirit of Bank Mandiri for a more prosperous country.


Pak Nunuk

Mitra Petani

Petani Cabai di Caringin, Bogor.

CROWDE doesn’t just provide access to much-needed capital, but to buyers in the market as well. Thanks to this smooth end-to-end service, I no longer worry about selling my harvest at the best price.

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